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Hand Painted Rocks

Hand Painted Rocks


1 ROCK AT $6.00

Hand painted "Mexican Pebble" rocks. These rocks are all hand painted with high quality house paint, and then varnished to withstand the outside elements. Varnish protects the rock from UV light, and weather. 

Each rock is about the size of the palm of a human hand, some may be bigger or smaller. Rocks are all round and somewhat smooth.  Each rock DESIGN IS CUSTOM TAILORED to each customers orders. In the EXAMPLES above I was ordered to paint, lady bugs, and a memorial for a dog in the shape of a paw print. 

Willing to paint: 


-simple patterns


Amount of rocks in an order varies depending on what the customer wants.

  • Refunds

    Partial refunds available if the item is damaged or lost in transit.

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