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Neon Green Acrylic Pour

Neon Green Acrylic Pour


An 8 x 10 inch acrylic pour painting that I created among many others during the COVID-19 pandemic. I focused on different textures, and color for every piece. I also moved away from my normal work and did a more contemporary or modern approach to the work. For this specific piece I picked out neon green, white and neon yellow for the color scheme. I also used rubbing alcohol to create the cells in the piece, and added glitter to give it that extra shine. The piece has been varnished as well with a satin varnish.

Some fun questions to ask yourself when viewing this piece. What do you see in the piece? What does this remind you of? What do the cells remind you of?

  • Refunds

    Partial refunds available if the item is damaged or lost in transit.

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