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Design Work

This page is dedicated to my best design work over the years. Some were just personal projects while others were commissioned from my various clients. Hopefully as time goes on this page will continue to grow more and more.

Too Tall Line art.jpg

Two Tall Band Logo

Still one of my favorite pieces I've done to this day. This piece was commissioned by a local band from my hometown . They wanted a nontraditional logo that was complex, stood out, and above all matched the vibe of their bands' music. Created in Adobe Illustrator.

Hell Yeah Burgers VR Desktop Icon

This logo was created for a VR videogame commissioned by some game devs in my hometown. They wanted an icon for the desktop that matched their videogames style. I chose a modern look to the logo since the graphics of the game were very simplistic art style, and wanted the logo to be a burger since thee video game was all about making burgers. Created in Adobe illustrator and Procreate.

two tall poster.jpg

Two Tall Poster

The same band commissioned me to do another piece for them since they loved my logo design I made. They wanted a poster that matched the vibe of the band again (hippie/stoner).  I decided to go with a tie-dye look, and add a peace sign in it to show off that hippie love more. Created in Procreate and Adobe Illustrator.

Logo Building Flier

A flier created for a class I teach about creating a logo. The flier has a simplistic and sleek look while also a retro look. Created using Canva.  

HDC Presents (5).png

Apogee Flier 2

Another flier I created for my school's literary journal. Chose fonts similar to the original font of the logo, and chose more of the neutral branding colors. Created in Canva. 

Pattern Design

Created this as a personal project for school. The task was to design a pattern that went with an existing brand (I chose Crystal Noodle), and to then use the pattern on various mockups of the product we were designing packaging for. Created in Procreate, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop.

Print test (2).jpg
Potato Express.jpg

Potato Express Logo

A logo created in 2023 for a local pop-up company that sells only dishes featuring potato's. The original logo they had was a potato driving a car but hand drawn and not professional. I offered my services to them and for a new revised logo that was professional and still featured a potato. 

Indiana Invasives Logo Contest

This logo was created as a personal project for a contest for Indiana Invasives Initiative. Sadly mine didn't win, but I do think I did fairy well with my logo design. Created in Adobe Illustrator.

Indiana Invasives Initiative III color.png
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